To have a lot of pleasure from your RP3 it is crucial to maintain it every week, if your treat it carefull it will last for ever. Maintenace for RP3 is depending of the use and the frequency it is used and which enviroment it is used. In Gym’s and Fitness Centra it wil be more than in a privat enviroment. The maintenance to be done to keep it in good condition and also to keep the warranty in place are:

  • Clean and Lubricate the chain: the chain must be cleaned and lubricated at least every 40 hours. If RP3 is used in an institutional setting , then the chain should be cleaned and lubricated at least every week.
  • Clean the bar: the bar must be kept clean in order for the bearings and rollers that support the mainframe for traveling. Daily cleaning of the bar or if used very intense, after every workout makes that your RP3 keeps runing smoothly over the bar. Also this will reduce the wear of the bearings and rollers.

In the picture on the right you see the possibility of vertical storage.