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2013001 – RP3 Dynamic Indoor Rower

Tablet and monitor not included.

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Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 230 × 60 × 25 cm

3 reviews for MODEL S

  1. Stef Wessels

    The best rowing experience i’ve had without a boat!

  2. Dr. Horst Scheibl

    We have now tried the RP3 with various rowers and I can only say that this device
    is doing incredibly well. “Almost as well as rowing on real water”.
    The dynamics of movement is completely different from Concept 2.
    Technically not so perfect rowers will improve their rowing technique on The RP3.
    At the normal rowing ergometers, many rowers unlearn the rowing technique,
    as they roll too far. Really good! I must now endeavor to finance at least 2 devices.
    I’ll get back to you soon.

    Dr. Horst Scheibl

    Country Salzburg
    Dept. 5 Nature, Environmental Protection and Trade.
    Ski, golf and sports service

  3. André

    I started indoor rowing in September last year on a static rowing machine. I hoped to get into shape, being now in my mid 40ies and not having rowed before.
    I have a history of back problems, including irreversible bone damage in my lumbar region. Therefore, I followed strict form and read a lot about how to avoid back issues. Nonetheless, after a couple of weeks on the static rowing machine, I developed serious back problems.
    I paused for a couple of weeks and sold the static erg, and even before the pain in my back had completely ceased started rowing on the RP3 dynamic after having had a chance to try it at a local store. Over time, the pain went away and my back nerves did not get aggravated anymore, despite me starting some more intense interval training. I also increased volume to twice as much as with the static erg and now follow a routine of roughly 4-5 training sessions per week.
    After not even half a year on the RP3, I am now in better shape than since decades and have already surpassed my initial long term goal of getting below 7 minutes on the 2k.

    Now, I am curious where my training will lead me and think about starting on the water rowing as a master.

    In short, I am really glad I found this machine.

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