RP3 is used by leading rowers and teams everywhere!

Prominent Users

Rolland/Andrieux (FRA)

Rolland/Andrieux (FRA)

The Croatian brothers Gold medal 4x in 2010

Two multiple World Champion lightweight single scullers, Frans Göbel and Peter Haining recognised the RP3 rowing simulator as an essential tool in the preparation for their world championships, to improve their technique.

Cambridge University Boat Club and recently also Oxford University Boat Club, the GB eight, Rob Waddell, Greg Searle and other scullers are well aware of it’s advantages.

Younger crews have also gained considerable benefit e.g. Radley College (1997 National Schools Champion, 1998 Princess Elizabeth), St. Edwards (1999 Princess Elizabeth), Hampton (1999 National Schools Champion).

Prominent coaches such as Sam le Compte (Tasmanian Institute of Sports), Harry Mahon (G.B. sculling coach and Cambridge U.B.C.), Martin McElroy (G.B. Eight coach), Tim McLaren (U.T.S.Haberfield Sydney and Cambridge U.B.C) and Robin Williams (Cambrigde U.B.C. Chief Coach) who have been using the RP3 Rowing simulator extensively for prolonged periods, characterise the machine as fully boat compatible and an unsurpassed tool for improving rowing technique and synchronizing crews.

At the World Championships 2002 in Sevilla, Spain, the following medallists have been using a RP3 Rowing rowing simulator to achieve their results:

  • Gold : M1x Marcel Hacker, LM1x Sam Lynch, M4+ GBR
  • Silver : M2- RSA, M4- GBR, LM4x ESP
  • Bronze : LM2- GBR

Others may have been doing also, but are keeping it quiet.


“The RP3 Rowing Simulator has been an integral part of our training since 1997. With the ability to link machines together and also connect them to PCs we’ve had the opportunity to achieve so much more in our training off the water. Over the period we’ve made tremendous technical progress. The live feedback from the PCs has enabled the athletes to make changes and see the outcome instantly. The importance of the machines can be gauged by the fact that we bought two machines in Australia and used them right up to our final race in the Olympic final. I’d be quite happy to use RP3 as our training machine all the time. It’s the closest thing to rowing we’ve got and you don’t even have to carry it down to the water.”
Martin McElroy, Coach Great Britain Eight, gold medallists Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

“I have always been a fan of RP3 Rowing. Not only does it provide immediate feedback from the visual data but it also gives the rowers a clear message that they can transfer easily to the boat. Using it, from the early development right up to the Olympic final, was a major factor in the success of our Gold Medal Eight.”
Harry Mahon, Cambridge University Boat Club and Great Britain Olympic Coach

“Since a diagnosis of advanced osteoarthritis in both knees was made over a year ago, my mobility has been greatly reduced. The ability to walk or do any weight-bearing exercise is not possible. Surgery is my only alternative. Meanwhile, my son introduced the RP3 Rowing Simulator to my life and it has been a lifesaver. It enables me to exercise daily without any adverse effects on my knees. It also keeps my heart, blood pressure etc in order, preparing me for surgery and after surgery recovery. The low impact on my knees compared to other rowing machines at my gym seems to make it totally stressless on my body, whilst maintaining a positive mind attitude. I strongly believe RP3 is as necessary for the well-being of older people as it is for younger athletic folk. It is both effortless and effective. With the enjoyment of daily use, I have discovered a certain pleasure of recognising its results.”
Sincerely, Noeline Le Couilliard

“For the last two weeks before I departed for the 1989 World Championships in Bled, I was training on the RP3 Rowing Simulator exclusively. This gave me an advantage over my competitors, because I could hone my timing at the catch to perfection, not hindered by weather conditions or waves, and this certainly contributed to my world championship of that year.”
Frans Göbel, World Champion l/wt mens 1 x 1989-90

“Thanks for teaching us to ‘RP3′.”
Pymble Ladies College, 2000 Australian Champions, NSW Head of River winners.

“What do I think of the RP3 Rowing Simulator? It brought me three world championships.”
Peter Haining, Mens l/wt Single Scull 1993-1994-1995

“First of all I would like to say that the RP3 is a great training tool and the few days I have it, it earned its’ money. The information and feedback for the rower is really good. You can see how they change and adapt. I am very impressed.”
Cristian Felkel, Head Coach South African Rowing Union

“It feels like a boat. We used it a lot in training and it was the last thing we did before going to the Olympic final.”
Simon Dennis, Great Britain Olympic 8+, Sydney 2000

“Cambridge have used the RP3 Rowing Rowing Simulator for some years now and it has been an invaluable coaching and training tool. It closely reproduces the feel of the boat and is kinder on the lower back than fixed head ergometers.”
Robin Williams, Cambridge University, Head Coach

“I have been working with some novice scullers over the last 8 months, and they are now sculling like professionals. This is primarily due to the RP3 Rowing which we use every day.”
Gerry Farrell, Captain Neptune Rowing Club Dublin

Dear Cas,
It is almost five years ago that you delivered the RP3, so our rowing simulator will be celebrating its fifth anniversary shortly. Both Harald and myself enjoy the machine immensely. When we met at the club reunion a couple of months ago I think I told you that that I train with my friend Lili, according to a fixed training schedule made by her. I feel fitter than I have felt for years. An interesting side benefit: In two years, Lili lost 17 kgs in weight, and I lost 15 kgs. Even more interesting is that with 3 training sessions per week, keeping the weight down poses no problem at all. The last two years I have been a supporter at the ergo competition in January. Last year Lili won the lady’s masters category, this year she came in third after Harriet van Ettekoven (4th in the ladies 1x at the OG in Seoel) and Geertje Klok. Gradually I feel the urge to compete again as well. I will try the coming season to activate some other people in my age bracket to participate next year. I then will be 67 years of age. Despite its intensive use our RP3 has never let us down.
Liset Domela Nieuwenhuis

Thanks for your call, as I just mentioned we are interested in purchasing a RP3 Rowing Simulator for our exercise physiology lab. One of the advantages we see with the RP3 Rowing Simulator is that the athlete won’t be moving all over the place like on the other rowing ergometers, which will make it much easier to take blood samples and expired air measurements etc. I can’t remember if that advantage is mentioned anywhere on your website yet. I look forward to hearing from you about the performance of the new RP3 Rowing Simulator.
Dr. Xanne Janse de Jonge | Lecturer in Sports Science | Environmental and Life Sciences | University of Newcastle

“The RP3 Rowing Simulator is a delight to row and reminds me of sitting in the single scull and gliding on a calm lake. It is the best tool to teach proper power application on land. If you want to teach your rowers to use their body efficiently, the RP3 is the answer.”
Xeno Muller, Olympic Champion Single Sculler (Atlanta 1996)