Everything is about your Rowing pleasure.

We aim for carefree rowing pleasure and see quality and safety as the two important pillars we build this machine to. Our service and warranty are based on this.

Delivery time and shipping

RP3 is mostly delivered from stock and therefor short delivery times. As soon as we have received your payment it will be shipped. RP3 is delivered at your house and if your not there the transporter will get in contact with you to set a delivery date and time.

30-Day Money -Back Guarantee

If, within 30 days of shipment of your Indoor Rower, you are not satisfied with it, you may return it to us. All shipping cost are your responsibility. We will refund the cost of the machine to you. This offer applies to sales from our agents in the territory they are selling.


The warranty on RP3 by private use is 2-years on all parts and 5-years on all metal parts, including the flywheel shaft and bearings.Not covered are normal tear and wear of moving parts and problems caused by bad maintenance of RP3. For institutional use the warranty is 2-years on all parts.

If a damaged part is considered to be under the warranty it will be shipped free to you or if you wish assembled for free by the nearest Agent. If you think you have a problem that should be considered to be covered by the warranty, please contact one of our Agents. Note the serial number of the RP3, which can be seen on the Flywheel of RP3, so that we know when it was made.

Long life and low cost

The lifetime of RP3 is very long, at this moment there are still machines in daily use since delivered 20 years ago! There are ofcourse parts which in time wear out and need to be replaced. These parts, as there are for example the bungee, the rollers on the bar, are very easy to replace and done by yourself. This makes that the maintenace cost of the RP3 stays low and all parts can be ordered in our online web shop.

If you feel better if we replace the parts you can contact the nearest Agent to make an appointment. Also by adding an maintenance turn to it we will give you an extension of 6 months to your warranty, the maintenance will be quoted upfront to you, so there will be no disappointments.